Exciting Updates in the Latest Version of eCW National Conference October, 2023

Exciting Updates in the Latest Version of eCW National Conference October, 2023

This version was packed with innovations, many of which are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and others that make the eCW interface more user-friendly than ever.
Among the updates we want to share with you, the launch of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as mentioned earlier, stands out. This technology will be at your disposal to enhance your day-to-day operations in the office. AI will assist us in filtering relevant clinical information, translating content, and providing instant support. Furthermore, the Speech Model, which converts conversations into clinical documentation, is truly remarkable and is a tool that we will begin to consider at Soma Medical Center.

Another exciting feature is the AI-powered Appointment Search Assistant, a tool that will intelligently search for available slots tailored to the needs of patients.

One of the tools we will be emphasizing in our daily routine is Healow, the mobile application that simplifies patient encounters. With Healow, you can schedule appointments, confirm attendance, and make electronic payments. The end result is simplicity, security, and convenience for both parties. Healow’s services include a chatbot on our website (which, by the way, offers a very pleasant environment), a mobile app, and text messages with payment links, without the need to create a user account.

Lastly, we want to share with you the experience of being in front of more than 2500 people who use the same platform we use at Soma Medical Center, P.A. It is a great achievement to know that we compete in experience with practices that have decades of experience with this program. Additionally, we are pleased to see that as a company, we are experiencing rapid growth, and this is reflected in the fact that many
people, even from different states, recognize us as pioneers, a competitive team, and a best practice.

In addition to all these advancements in eCW, we want to highlight the commitment of the administrative team to system improvement and processes that will lead to the company’s growth. We also want to expressour gratitude to the management, Jackie Nunez, Dr. Nunez, and Andres Florez, for their support and the opportunity for professional growth that they have provided.

We appreciate the entire team, the family, and the Soma Medical Center, P.A. community. We truly hope that in the next event, more people will join events like this and explore beyond our EMR EclinicalWorks.

P.S.: These are not the only system updates; there will be many more updates that we will inform you about in the future. 

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