We are an organization that offers a wide spectrum of health services that are reliable, trustworthy, suitable and efficiently to the local community. This is all done to continually improve health services. All Our services are offered by a humane, ethical and competent team of employees. We offer all of our services to our patients and their families permanently, generating reliability in our services. Furthermore, our infrastructure is equipped with advanced medical equipment that makes us competitive. Our main goal is to satisfy health necessities with an ethical, social, and environmental responsibility. We believe that these are fundamentals to improve quality of life in our community. We would like to thank you for visiting our web page and hope that it has been productive for yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to establish yourself as a patient, need a second opinion, visit our locations, meet our staff, or to simply learn more about us. We will be more than delighted to have you as a patient at one of our many locations.

On July 10th, of 1990, a young vibrant couple, Dr. Rafael Nuñez, and his wife Jacqueline Nuñez, emigrated to this country and arriving to New Jersey with a suit case full of dreams. Within their dreams there was a dream of practicing medicine in the United States of America.

They set defined goals to better their future. Even though, they endured long work hours, including two work shifts in various professions they also went to school. Both of them had set common goals forgetting mishaps and overcame obstacles that were in their path. That is how little by little they, managed to achieve their goals and most importantly attain Dr. Nunez’ medical license in United States of America.

In 1998, they made the decision on moving to Florida to establish an institution that today is known as SOMA MEDICAL CENTER, P.A. in Palm Beach County. The establishment is characterized for its quality in health care, dedication, and treatment of their patients. That is how it has successfully acquired all of its patients in the past 10 years of service. Furthermore, they area offer a source of employment, and has generated great opportunities in Palm Beach County.



The Mission of Soma Medical Center P.A. is to offer our patients timely, effective, and  personalized health care for preventative and corrective treatment to enhance the patient’s well being and quality of life.

We strive to provide exceptional medical care through collaboration with each individual,  specialist, hospital and other health providers or community resources. The patient, at all times,  remains the point of care and receives the benefits of continuous and comprehensive health care.

We employ highly qualified healthcare professionals with excellent training, education,  experience and passion to the total well-being and health of their patients.

We continuously strive to focus on improving procedures and protocols, by thoroughly training  our staff and striving for an excellent level of care.