Patient Centered Medical Home

A Medical Home is an approach to providing comprehensive and high-quality primary care. It builds partnerships with clinical specialists, families, and community resources. The Medical Home recognizes the family as a constant in a child’s life and emphasizes partnership between health care professionals and families, for this reason it is based on the following characteristics:

The medical home encompasses five functions and attributes:

1.Comprehensive Care

It is designed to meet the majority of a patient’s physical and mental health care needs through a team-based approach to care.

2.Patient-Centered Care

The Medical Home delivers primary care that is oriented towards the whole person through partnering with patients and families, understanding their culture, preferences, unique needs and values.

3.Coordinated Care

It coordinates patient care across all elements of the health care system, such as specialty care, hospitals, home health care, and community services, with an emphasis on efficient care transitions.

4.Accessible Services

It seeks to promote patient care by offering different alternatives such as phone calls, emails, and schedule availability.

5.Quality & Safety

The Medical Home provide safe, high-quality care through clinical decision-support tools, evidence-based care, shared decision-making, performance measurement, and population health management.

Medical Home Advantages